Do you want to learn a language the fun way?

Do you love traveling and other cultures?

What if you could do both any time?

Play LingoManiacs!

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Hi! My name is Glotto. I’m your new companion and will teach you a new language the fun way.

Glotto, LingoManiacs

What is LingoManiacs?

The short answer: A language learning game experience.

Life is all about experiences. So is language learning.

The best way to learn a language is to visit the country where the actual language is spoken, to immerse yourself in its culture and to ‘experience’ the language by talking to native speakers.

Oh… You don’t have the time nor the money? – No worries. We’ve got it covered for you.

How about going to the country virtually?

Sounds tempting? It’s a next generation’s experience! And it even doesn’t feel like the classic way of learning at all. Just play the game and have fun.


Learn Languages

Level A1 - A2

No Requirements

Start from scratch and be prepared for more advanced levels in B1 – B2.


Get used to other cultures.

Culture in Depth

Immerse yourself into other cultures and understand peoples’ mentality.


Choose where to go next.

3D Environment

Explore immersive language-based environments.


Role Playing Game

Play your role

Experience an adventurous world through the eyes of your avatar.

The Story

A little more about the background.

Something magical...

Be the hero of two connected worlds that are dependent on your progress.


It's really all about experience.

Play and Evolve

Level up both your character and your language skills accordingly.


  • Learn new languages the fun way

  • Take your language skills to the next level

  • Travel to other countries virtually

  • Experience a magical story in an RPG

  • Explore the whole world of foreign languages

  • Visit the sightseeing highlights of other countries

  • Talk to native speakers around the world

  • Join the community of language learners

  • Compete with other players and master every challenge

  • Get statistics about your progress


It’s time to get involved now. Join our list of several hundreds of other subscribers and get updates and announcements about our project every once in a while.

The LingoManiacs RPG is currently still in development. Be one of the first to participate in pre-release demos, alphas and betas as soon as they are available.

Join the new way of learning a language now!

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Our goal is to provide a language learning experience that doesn’t feel like the hard work in boring language classes as you know it. Of course you still have to practice, but it will be more like an entertaining game. We want to offer this experience to everyone interested in other languages in order to show people that language learning can be fun and rewarding.


Thomas Dang

Photo: Maurice Galanos

Thomas Dang


If you’ve any questions about the project or if you want to become involved, please, send us an email:

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